About this website

What began as a simple little blog about how I bought a Shelby Cobra race car for $3,600 and sold it for a million and a half is now a book with a companion website  —  this website, where much of the book can be read free of charge!

"So let me get this straight:" In 1967, you bought a used Shelby Cobra race car from a private owner for $3,600. You then fast-talked the New York State DMV into giving you plates for a 1964 Ford Sedan, so you could legally drive that record-holding, ex-factory "Dragon Snake" on the street.

You did this because you were of the opinion that none of the cars Carroll Shelby built for sale to the general public was fast enough for a quick run to the post office. Also because you knew the good folks at the NYS DMV would let you. Back in the day, like Norm at Cheers, nobody ever got up off their chair to go outside and look at the car you were registering."

Note to disapproving adults in the room: This was the sixties, the Age of Aquarius and free love and Woodstock, when suggesting more horsepower as a cure for too much horsepower raised nary an eyebrow and was in some circles celebrated as downright brilliant.

"So after half a lifetime of a never-dull relationship during which your fiery Jezebel could rightfully have inflicted any number of teachable moments, you had her shipped off to the 2006 Mecum Spring Class auction in Belvidere, Illinois where she was hammered sold for a record one and a half million dollars. $1,433,500.00 after commission, to be exact.

Dang, really? That's enough to put a fellow on Easy Street, with a boatload of happy days. No sour grapes on her part, either — that's the life Jezebel wanted you to live. When at the end of your final mile together you said goodbye and left the keys, the skies began to smile on her, too. After years in obscurity tucked away in a corner of your print shop, Jezebel was back in the sunshine of her glory days. She was once again the star she was meant to be."