#6 - Picnic in the Park

#6 - Picnic in the Park

One exceptionally fine June day in 1977, Terry and I took the Dragon Snake out for a run up to Cobbs Hill. Terry was working downtown at the time and we often spent our lunch hours together, picnicking in the park that surrounded the reservoir. I can’t remember what made me fire up the Cobra that day, but I packed a camera because the sun was shining. The intent may have been to take pictures using the reservoir as a backdrop.

If you’re unfamiliar with the transverse leaf springs on a Shelby Cobra you should know that no matter how stiff you think the regular springs are, the competition springs on a Dragon Snake are stiffer. I’ve been told by the factory that road race springs are identical to their stock versions, but not the springs used for drag racing. Add drag shocks to the mix and whatever minuscule amount of cushioning you may have enjoyed before, that’s now history.

Driving down Culver Road we ran into a series of potholes, not uncommon in Rochester after a cold, snowy winter. City workers manage to patch most of them by late summer.

Out of the blue, I heard Terry yell:
“Whoa, my boobs bounced!”
Not sure I heard right I asked: “What happened?”
“My boobs just bounced.”

Slowing down to digest this curious announcement while navigating through the rough stuff, I said: “Well, that’s good, right?” Conversations that begin with “boobs” can be tricky even when you’re not driving a race car down a street laced with potholes. But here I sensed wonderment.

“Yeah, it’s good,” Terry replied. “But you don’t understand, they’ve never ever done that before. Not in my whole entire life.”

“Congratulations,” I said, searching for a safe response. “They probably jumped for joy because they got to ride in a Cobra, and did you see how you almost scared the pants off those two elderly ladies on the sidewalk? By screaming loud enough to wake up the neighbors, I mean. Please don’t do that again. I was afraid you might have gotten hurt.”

Jezebel, you mischief-maker, that’s a nice thing you did there. The novelty of that top-down drive up the hill has since worn off but memories endure, of a special moment on a day gone by in so many magical years together. And as you can see, we did come back with pictures.

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